Spiced Lemonade

Product SKU Id : DBUS07

A fun twist on lemonade! Don’t wait, try today!

A hint of ginger extract and a pinch of black pepper and cumin along with the refreshing mint turns up the heat on our Zesty Spiced Lemonade.

About the Product

With a hint of cumin, ginger, black pepper, red chili, and mint this lemonade makes a tasty summer treat that the whole family will enjoy. Serve over ice in summer DiaBliss spiced lemonade is always refreshing. Sweetened with DiaBliss sugar, this premix is as healthy as they come.

Additional Information

Weight - 16oz (1lb) (454 g)

Ingredients - DiaBliss Sugar*, Lemon Extract, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Black Salt, Salt, Dextrose, Cumin Extract, Ginger Extract, Dextrose, Mint, Black Pepper, Red Chilli

Instructions - Simply add 3tsp (12 g)of spiced lemonade premix in 3/4 cup (6oz) of ice cold water for the most refreshing lemonade with a spicy twist!

* DiaBliss Sugar contains Cane Sugar, Fenugreek Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Gooseberry Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Ginger Extract, Turmeric Extract